August 24, 2011
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Tanknology Releases Version 7
of the PetroScope® Remote Controlled
Internal Tank Inspection System

Austin, TX – Tanknology Inc. announced today the release of a new PetroScope Version 7 camera.

The new PetroScope system has been released to meet current demands for internal inspections of USTs both in the USA and abroad. The Tanknology PetroScope Version 7 (V7) was developed with cost effective key improvements and quality features that are synonymous with the Tanknology brand. The new PetroScopeV7 uses the best block camera on the market, combining superb picture quality and extremely powerful zooming capabilities, allowing users to zoom in on small or distant objects with exceptional clarity and stability. The latest model brings significant improvement in the near focus ability, extended zoom and reduced illumination needs.

The new PetroScopeV7 comes with 432X Zoom (36x optical and 12x digital), which is a major improvement from the current camera in use that has 300X Zoom (25x optical and 12x digital). It requires a minimum of 0.1 lux illumination and can focus on items as close as 10mm (0.4") versus the older model requiring 2.5 lux and needing 35mm (1.4") in distance to focus.

Another key improvement worth mentioning in the PetroScope camera is the outer casing. The outer casing now slides off the stem improving access to the motors, lights, wiring, oxygen sensor, and thermal sensors when maintenance is required. Previously, the unit had to be taken apart, one section at a time to perform maintenance and/or troubleshooting. The PetroScopeV7 also has reinforced internal rods to increase durability and stability.

Some other minor improvements in the PetroScopeV7 system include:

  • Power switch for Control Unit moved to front panel for improved accessibility.
  • New carrying handles for the Control Box.
  • Tri-pod (stand) has added support to improve camera stability.
  • A pipe nipple was added to the top of the lamp chamber to allow the operator to use CO2 gas to cool the halogen lamps.

PetroScopeV7 is the cornerstone of Tanknology's Four Phase Tank Assessment that provides an accurate and economical assessment of a tanks condition – all without the risks of manned entry.

For more information on PetroScopeV7, contact Ignacio Allende, Director of International Operations atiallende@tanknology.com or +1 (512) 380-7129.

Based in Austin, Texas, Tanknology operates across America and around the world, providing UST environmental compliance testing and related services at more than 50,000 sites per year, for more than 3,000 customers. Internationally, Tanknology licensees span more than 25 countries, providing services to the largest petroleum retailers in the world.

For more information about Tanknology's services worldwide, call us at 1 (800) 964-1250 or visit us online at www.tanknology.com.

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