February 13, 2013
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Tanknology Celebrates 25 Years

Austin, TX – It was 25-years ago – in 1988 – that US EPA regulation 40-CFR-280 came into force. It was a landmark environmental regulation, which established the first federal requirements for protection of virtually all underground storage tank fueling facilities such as gas stations.

Tanknology 25 Years LogoThat set of regulations, crafted and implemented during the Reagan Administration, forever changed the fuel dispensing industry in the US. The rules established minimum federal requirements for tank tightness verification and ongoing monitoring, spill and overfill protection, corrosion protection and monitoring, and demonstration of financial responsibilities. Then the states and municipalities got involved, some of which established higher standards than the federal minimums.

In response to the new rules, an industry focused on the testing, verification, installation and service of UST environmental compliance systems was born. Large operators of gas stations across the country, primarily major oil companies, needed help navigating the varying state and local requirements and ensuring that their facilities were in compliance.

Enter Tanknology. From that very first year when the regulations were implemented, Tanknology positioned itself as the full-service provider of environmental compliance solutions for UST operators. In 2013, a quarter-century later, the company celebrates its 25th anniversary as the dominant nationwide player in that industry.

“From the very beginning, the vision for Tanknology was to create a single company with the capability of managing all environmental compliance issues for UST fueling facilities,” said Allen Porter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tanknology.

“There were tank testers, leak detection providers, corrosion protection companies – lots of small companies all across the country, who were providing one or two of the required services,” Porter said. “But larger operators, with facilities in many states, needed a single provider to put it all together in a comprehensive program, with proven, state-of-the-art technologies that ensured they were in compliance with the myriad regulations governing their sites.”

That's what Tanknology set out to do 25 years ago – and the company today stands alone in its position as the only nationwide provider of comprehensive UST compliance services. Internationally, Tanknology is the largest provider of such services in the world, teaming with more than 20 international licensee partners, serving the largest oil companies in the world.

Porter attributes the company's long term success to several key factors. First-and-foremost are the people. “We have the most qualified and experienced professionals in the business on our team – from the inventors of our proprietary technologies, to our regional operations specialists, to our highly trained and experienced team of field technicians,” Porter said. “What makes Tanknology an enduring partner with thousands of customers over these 25 years really is this unparalleled team of people.”

Another key factor to the company's success, according to Porter, has been its ability to adapt and respond to the changing regulatory environment with innovative new services.

“This compliance industry has changed substantially since it was created 25 years ago," Porter said. “As regulations were further implemented at state and local levels and then expanded in the succeeding years, we invested millions of dollars in new technologies and services. We knew that the key to staying on top in this industry was to continue to provide all the compliance services needed by our customers.”

In the succeeding years, Tanknology developed and launched services for pipe testing, cathodic protection monitoring, remote visual internal tank inspections, spill bucket testing, tank deflection testing, fuel filtration, ethanol preparation, Stage I and II vapor recovery, Aboveground Tank inspections and testing, Class B and C operator training, and many more – all the way up to comprehensive Compliance Management Services, in which Tanknology manages every aspect of a customer's compliance program.

Based in Austin, Texas, Tanknology operates across America and around the world, providing UST environmental compliance testing and related services at more than 50,000 sites per year, for more than 3,000 customers. Internationally, Tanknology licensees span more than 25 countries, providing services to the largest petroleum operators in the world. For more information visit www.Tanknology.com.

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