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    March 28, 2013
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Tanknology Introduces TankCam ®
Remote Video Inspection System

A cost-effective solution for viewing the internal condition of USTs

Austin, TX – Underground Storage Tank operators are often posed with the challenge of having to identify problems that might exist inside their underground storage tanks (USTs). Whether it's identifying potential structural issues, locating an unused riser, verifying that their overfill protection is intact, or simply determining the cleanliness of their tanks, the solution has always been to excavate and inspect the tank from within.

In response to the growing market need for a safe and economical solution to this problem, Tanknology Inc., of Austin, TX, is introducing TankCam®, a remote video system that gives operators a clear and thorough look inside their USTs.

According to Allen Porter, President and CEO of Tanknology, this quick and economical look can save operators a substantial amount of money compared to the alternatives.

“We have a large number of customers with tank sites that have been in operation for years. As the tanks advance in age, it's not uncommon for issues to develop inside. Corrosion can occur, as well as occasional structural issues like blistering or de-lamination, and it's very difficult to know what you're dealing with,” Porter said. “Our new TankCam system allows them to get a good clear picture of what's happening inside their tanks so that they can make informed decisions about their next steps.”

Through the course of the development of the TankCam system, more than 1,000 tanks have been successfully inspected. Patents on the system are currently pending.

In addition to an examination of potential structural issues, TankCam is also an ideal solution for situations like:

  • Locating unused riser openings: Eliminating the need to excavate the entire tank top; risers can be located from within the tank, reducing excavation time, costs, and forecourt repair.
  • Verifying overfill protection: Can be done in under 5 minutes, and ensures compliance without having to unnecessarily dig or extract overfill valves.
  • Pinpointing the cause of a failed tightness test: Seeing the exact source of a problem that is causing a failed tank test can focus repair efforts, saving substantial cost.
  • Fuel quality checks: TankCam can determine the presence of sludge or debris and can be utilized in conjunction with any of Tanknology's tank and fuel cleaning programs for the most thorough cleaning available.

“In many cases, the issues we're exposing and clarifying with the TankCam simply were not found in the past without expensive site excavation,” Porter said. “Now, operators can get a very cost-effective, detailed picture of what's happening underground so that they can choose the best course of action.”

The TankCam system is a new addition to remote camera inspection options offered by Tanknology. Tanknology's PetroScope® system, which provides a higher resolution, more thorough analysis of a tank interior, has been available for many years.

“With the addition of TankCam, Tanknology offers the most complete range of camera inspection options in the industry. Porter differentiated the two approaches this way: “The TankCam™ is used like a medical x-ray – it gives you a good snapshot of the essentials and tells you whether you have issues requiring more detailed exploration,” he said. “PetroScope, like an MRI, would provide you that finer level of detail and a thorough professional report on all findings.”

“Customers looking for a clear look at the condition inside their tanks so that they know whether they have issues they need to address will find TankCam a very cost effective way of providing it,” Porter said.

More information about the TankCam system can be found here.

Based in Austin, Texas, Tanknology operates across Americaand around the world,providing environmental compliance testing and related services at more than 50,000 petroleum fueling and storage facilities per year, for more than 3,000 customers. Internationally, Tanknology licensees span more than 30 countries, providing services to the largest petroleum operators in the world. For more information, visit www.Tanknology.com.

TankCam is Patent Pending.

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