Sump Reconditioning
and Repair

Containment sumps serve as barriers between the equipment in and around the tank field and the soil and groundwater. In order to prevent environmental contamination, maintenance and inspection is required.

A variety of conditions cause containment sump leaks, such as faulty installation at the time of construction, cracked or deteriorated components, or a lack of routine maintenance. Deterioration of sump components can cause water intrusions, resulting in frequent ATG alarms. In tanks with ethanol-blended fuels this can be particularly troublesome, bring about a whole host of fueling system malfunctions.

By utilizing accelerated hydrostatic testing to quickly evaluate each sump, dispenser pan, and/or spill bucket, our proprietary VPLT system allows leaking components to be rapidly identified so that repairs can efficiently be made.

Our highly qualified service personnel have the expertise to diagnose and repair any containment sump problem.

Following any repairs, a final system test can be conducted to guarantee the containment sump is operating according to manufacturer specifications and prevents leaks of petroleum products into the environment, or water intrusion into the sump.

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Tanknology technician completing a sump reconditioning project.

Tanknology technician completing a sump reconditioning project.

At A Glance
The benefits of our Sump Reconditioning service:
  • Prevent environmental contamination.
  • Minimal site downtime, resulting from an accelerated test to determine system tightness.
  • All work completed by highly experienced, trained and certified technicians.
  • A sound sump minimizes water intrusions, which reduces pump outs.
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