Financing Solutions for Compliance Equipment

Tanknology customers interested in financing the cost of a compliance project can now benefit from a new Tanknology partnership with Patriot Capital.

Patriot Capital logoPatriot Capital focuses its financing programs solely on the retail and commercial petroleum industries. This exclusive petroleum focus means Patriot Capital understands your business far better than a general lender. Their industry expertise, fast and easy access to capital, competitive rates and exceptional customer service make Patriot Capital an ideal partner for tank site compliance project financing.

Here are the key benefits of financing with Patriot Capital:

100% Financing

Traditional methods of equipment financing typically don't include the 'soft costs' associated with a project. These include project costs such as installation, service contracts and freight. Patriot Capital lease programs can include all of these costs, allowing you to finance 100% of the total project costs.

Conservation of Capital

Many compliance upgrade programs are costly, requiring a sizable cash outlay. A financing program with Patriot Capital allows you to conserve your capital for other purposes that will help you grow and sustain your business.

No Liens on Your Real Estate

Patriot Capital does not place liens, second mortgages or blanket liens. The equipment acts as the collateral. You retain ownership of your real estate and business.

Small Business Tax Savings

As a small business owner, you may qualify for a tax savings opportunity that was created in the 2013 ‘fiscal cliff’ legislation for qualifying equipment acquisitions. It's called Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation, and allows business owners to deduct the cost of business equipment in the year the equipment is purchased, rather than over multiple years. Use our Section 179 Tax Calculator to determine your potential tax savings.

For more information about financing your Tanknology compliance project, send us an email with your contact details and we'll contact you promptly to discuss your requirements.

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Take the financial sting out of equipment upgrade costs at your facility with leasing programs from our partner, Patriot Capital.

Automatic Tank Gauge upgrades are just one example of projects which are suitable for a leasing program from Patriot Capital.

At A Glance
Patriot Capital...
  • Is 100% dedicated to meeting the needs of the retail and commercial petroleum industries.
  • Understands our industry from the inside out, with extensive partnerships with oil companies, manufacturers, distributors, marketers and industry associations.
  • Provides excellent, highly personal customer service – as evidenced by their high level of repeat business.
  • Can be very flexible in their approach to financing. As they are not owned by a bank, they are free from the constraints of traditional bank lending.
  • Is aggressively lending to petroleum marketers for their equipment acquisitions – even in today's capital constrained market conditions.
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