Stage II Vapor Recovery DVD Training Course

Tanknology technician performs a Stage II vapor recovery test onsite at a retail gas station in California.

As the country’s leading provider of UST testing and compliance services, we have drawn upon our extensive experience with Stage II Vapor Recovery systems to develop a comprehensive, self-paced training program to help operators comply with federal and state regulations requiring formalized operator training.

The Tanknology Stage II Vapor Recovery Training Course is a DVD-based training program which trains facility operations personnel in the proper operation and maintenance of Stage II vapor recovery systems, the various types of systems on the market, and the proper record keeping defined by federal regulations.

The course is a comprehensive, two-part program. It includes a 90-minute training video, followed by a workbook examination, which is graded by the Tanknology program administrator. The workbook is retained as a future reference guide.

This course meets EPA certification standards. We also have a specialized version for the State of Texas. Some additional state air quality divisions may have additional specific regulations that operators may need to be familiar with.

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According to the U.S. EPA's publication, Technical Guidance-Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems for Control of Vehicle Refueling Emissions at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities:

"...owners and operators of gasoline dispensing facilities which incorporate the use of Stage I and Stage II Vapor Recovery Controls must be trained in the proper operation and maintenance of the facilities' equipment. Owners and operators will be held accountable for any and all violations subjected to the facility by the implementing agency."

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