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More About Leak Detection

We utilize testing technologies which have been third-party certified and reviewed by the National Work Group.

National Work Group

Formed to review leak detection evaluations to ensure that the leak detection system meets EPA and other regulatory performance standards, the National Work Group consists of 8 representatives from 8 states and 2 members from the EPA. All members are employees of either a federal, state, or city government agency involved with a UST regulatory program.

Technician tests for leaks at the pump

The National Work Group maintains a list of leak detection methods that are third-party certified to meet EPA standards.

Additional information regarding leak detection equipment and leak detection evaluations that meet the National Work Group criteria can be found at the National Work Group site.

Tanknology utilizes patented testing technologies that have been third party certified for various operating conditions. Below are a few of the commonly requested certifications. For information regarding certifications that are not listed below, please contact us by email.

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