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Class C Operator Training

In response to new Federal and State requirements for operators of USTs to provide emergency response training to staff-level employees at all regulated dispensing facilities, we offer an industry-leading online training and certification The National UST Operator Training deadline is August 8, 2012. Are you in compliance?program that makes compliance as simple as a few minutes in front of a computer.

Many states are already beginning to require Class C Operator training. Tanknology’s new online training program is the simplest, most cost-effective means to provide the necessary state-specific training for all of your front-line employees.

Who is a Class C Operator?

Anyone at a dispensing facility who may respond to a spill or system alarm. In most cases, there must be a suitably trained Class C Operator present on site during business hours. At most retail facilities, these are the cashiers and attendants.

How does the Tanknology online training program work?

It’s an online course, which can be taken by the individual on any computer with a high speed internet connection and speakers. The employee logs in and goes through the training program, which covers everything they need to know to be a certified operator. At the end of the training, they complete a quick exam. When they pass, they print a certificate of successful completion. A simple worksheet is provided to help demonstrate the user’s on-site knowledge.

How long does the training take?

Most people complete the entire process in less than 30 minutes.

Is there an easy way for all my employees to take the course?

Yes, course subscriptions can be purchased in bulk, at a discount, for use by employees anytime, anywhere they have Internet access.

Can the training program reside on my own company intranet?

Yes, licensing is available to enable you to include our Class C Operator Training program on your own server or company intranet, allowing employees without access to the Internet to complete the course.

For more information about the program or bulk purchases for your organization, call us at 1 (800) 964-1250 or click on the "Learn About Bulk Purchases" button (at right) to submit your contact information and we will contact you.

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