Cathodic Protection Systems to Prevent Metal Corrosion

The steel components of a UST system that are in unprotected contact with the soil have a strong likelihood of developing corrosion. Once that corrosion starts, metal will deteriorate – ultimately leading to fuel leaking from the system. Some of the largest leaks at UST sites have been directly attributed to corrosion.

A comprehensive cathodic protection system is the most effective means of controlling metal deterioration at a UST facility. At Tanknology, we help our customers by designing and engineering the optimum system for their facility – providing appropriate protection for the site at highly competitive prices.

Steel USTs, piping, swing joints and flex connectors all need to be part of the cathodic protection system, which utilizes direct current electricity to reduce corrosive action. Cathodic protection effectively controls metal deterioration by making the included metal parts of the system the cathode of an electrochemical cell.

When an impressed-current system is employed, the system must be inspected every 60 days to verify proper operation. Test and inspection records must be continually maintained.

Federal regulations require that a qualified corrosion expert designs cathodic protection systems that are installed at a UST site.

At Tanknology, we employ only NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certified engineers to design and review your cathodic protection system. Our engineers are also state-licensed and are recognized experts in the field, contributing to technical committees, NACE and American Petroleum Institute (API) seminars.

There is no one better capable of providing you with a comprehensive, cost-effective corrosion protection program for your site.

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Inside tank photo shows the lining has delaminated from the sides of the tank.

Corrosion resulting from a lack of a corrosion protection system in an underground storage tank (UST).

Inside tank photo shows the lining has delaminated from the sides of the tank.

Flexible piping and valve corrosion in the sump of an underground storage tank (UST) system.

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At A Glance
You can rely on us to:
  • Perform feasibility surveys to determine suitability of system installation.
  • Design and engineer the most cost-effective system
  • Perform a thorough assessment survey, per regulatory requirements, to evaluate USTs for corrosion damage on tanks.
Upon design of the ideal system for your site, we will:
  • Install a complete cathodic protection system, tailored specifically to your site’s requirements.
  • Commission the system, including final testing and adjustments, as needed.
  • Train the owner and operators on system operation and ongoing regulatory requirements.
  • Perform regular maintenance, including periodic testing and necessary adjustments.
  • Generate requisite Corrosion Control Reports.

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