Tanknology Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The same year that the first nationwide EPA regulations governing underground fuel storage tanks were developed, a company was created to help oil companies and small independent gas station operators come to grips with what was required in the new law — and help them through the testing and upgrade programs necessary to bring their facilities into compliance.

30 Year Anniversary Tanknology logo

That was 1988, when Tanknology was formed with a mission to "Serve the evolving needs of fuel storage tank owners by providing the broadest range of testing, inspection and compliance management."

Those initial 1988 regulations required leak detection for tanks and piping for the first time, in the form of monthly inventory control combined with annual tightness testing, and owners were required to demonstrate financial responsibility for their facilities. By 1998, UST's were required to be equipped with leak detection, spill & overfill protection and corrosion protection.

The new requirements were far-reaching. Too far, for many operators, as many facilities were simply taken out of business. EPA has reported that what began as a population exceeding 2 million tanks in 1988, became a little more than one-half million by 2017.

Tanknology's original mission to "serve the evolving needs of fuel storage tank owners" has never been more important than it is today, with tank operators facing a second major set of federal regulations from the EPA – with compliance deadlines beginning just a few months from now.

The new regulations include requirements for secondary containment on new and replaced fuel tanks and piping; approved operator training at facilities; periodic operational inspections and maintenance; and ensuring tank system compatibility before storing certain biofuel blends. EPA also removed the previous deferrals in the original regulations for emergency generator tanks, field constructed tanks and airport hydrant systems.

Allen Porter, Tanknology's President and CEO, said new regulations bring a requirement for new services to help customers achieve compliance.

"We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly develop solutions for the evolving regulatory needs of our clients," Porter said. "This new round of federal regulations is no exception. As examples, we developed enhanced testing systems for spill buckets, efficient processes for sump testing, periodic inspection programs for tank sites, and compliance programs to help operators with the previously deferred tank sites such as emergency generators, all bring their systems into compliance with the new laws."

Porter noted, "Compliance with these new requirements begins for many operators on October 13 of this year – which is not much time for many of them who must now comply with federal environmental regulations for the first time."

Solutions for Evolving Needs

Reacting to the testing and inspection needs of the UST market has taken many different forms over Tanknology's 30 years in business.

  • When in 2013, extensive corrosion began surfacing in the steel components of diesel UST systems, Tanknology's TankCam® remote visual inspection service was utilized for an EPA study to assess the nature and severity of the problem via remote video. The conclusion: 83 percent of diesel corrosion systems contained moderate to severe corrosion.

  • When use of ethanol-blended fuels came on the scene in the mid-2000's, it wasn't long before operators were noticing fuel performance problems in tank systems caused by the presence of water and debris in the tank. Tanknology developed Ethanol Preparation services in 2006 to help operators clean and prepare their tanks for the introduction of ethanol, thereby minimizing phase separation of the fuel and the associated fuel performance problems.

  • Management of testing results and the sharing of data between sites, client headquarters and Tanknology offices became dramatically easier in 1999 when Tanknology released the predecessor to its TANCS™ system, the most robust data access system for compliance testing services available in the industry. Tanknology customers can see from their desktop detailed information about their sites, services performed, schedules, results of tests and site data – dramatically improving their ability to closely monitor their compliance status.

  • The quality of fuel became an especially acute issue in the mid-1990s and Tanknology developed its FuelPure™ fuel cleaning and polishing system which is still provided today. More recently, Tanknology developed the TankClean™ high pressure tank cleaning system incorporating the company's TankCam system to facilitate the cleaning with a clear view of the inside of the tank throughout the cleaning process.

This list goes on, Porter said.

"As this industry evolves, we continue to evolve with it."

Tanknology has nearly 30 unique services focused on helping tank owners remain in compliance with myriads of federal, state and local regulations throughout the U.S. and in countries around the world.

"We are pleased to be in a position to help so many companies with their regulatory compliance programs," Porter said, "many of them we have served throughout our 30 year history. As regulations continue to change and evolve, we plan to be right along side these clients, developing technological solutions and services to help keep them in compliance."

Here’s a Look Back Through Our 30 Years of
Leading the World in UST Compliance.



  • First phase of EPA 40-CFR-280 regulations in place
  • Tanknology founded
  • VacuTect Tank Testing System introduced to the market in Canada


  • VacuTect Tank Testing system introduced to the US market


  • EPA Passes Clean Air Act and regulations for Stage II Vapor Recovery systems
  • VacuTect receives third-party certification
  • Tanknology launches cathodic protection for UST systems
  • First tank tests in UK and Australia
  • Tanknology rolls out the first nationwide UST testing fleet


  • TLD1 Line Testing System introduced
  • Tank deflection assessment capability introduced
  • PetroScope® Remote Visual Internal Tank Inspection System introduced
  • Australia operations begin


  • SureTest® Tank Testing System launched
  • Spill containment bucket testing introduced


  • Field technicians begin using notebook computers in the field


  • Tanknology acquires Gilbarco Environmental
  • PM Maintenance, a division of Avery Berkel of the U.K. becomes first Tanknology international licensee


  • Fuel Pure System introduced
  • Tanknology begins Compliance Management Services program (CMS)
  • Tanknology Chile launches


  • The Tanknology of today is formed with merger of industry leaders Tanknology & NDE
  • Operations began in Portugal with licensee Higidus and in Italy with licensee EcoMedit


  • ATG installation service introduced
  • Introduced Site Sentry remote monitoring for Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) systems
  • Tanknology Canada created


  • All regulated USTs must have completed upgrades to spill, overfill, corrosion protection & leak detection by 12/22/98
  • DOJA Ltda becomes Tanknology Licensee in Columbia


  • Wireless Remote Access Program (WRAP) launched, providing customers with electronic access to testing results and records
  • Noel Kennedy acquires the license for Tanknology Australia
  • Rodney Olsen acquires Tanknology license in Italy


  • Remote corrosion protection monitoring system is launched
  • QMS, a total Quality Management System, is implemented across the company


  • Secondary containment testing system introduced
  • Enviro-Tech International becomes licensee in Japan


  • First tank test in Japan


  • Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act of 2005 becomes law as part of the Energy Act of 2005


  • Ethanol preparation services launched
  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel phased in across the U.S.
  • Tanknology tests its One Millionth Tank


  • EPA releases Stage I Vapor Recovery requirements
  • Nationwide launch of Stage I vapor recovery testing with enhanced Pressure/Vacuum Vent Cap Testing
  • Online training introduced for field tech development
  • Tanknology puts its 750th field vehicle into service


  • EPA begins drafting updated UST regulations
  • TankCam® Visual Internal UST inspections service launched


  • TankClean™ UST Cleaning System launched
  • Class C Operator Training launched
  • INTERPET becomes Turkey licensee


  • Deadline to implement EPA NESHAP Regulations 40 CFR 63 Subpart CCCCCC
    for controlling air emission from Gasoline Dispensing Facilities
  • TANCS™ (Tanknology Advanced Network for Compliance Services) replaces the WRAP system as the
    customer portal for access to all data related to Tanknology compliance testing and related services


  • EPA Announces that ORVR is in widespread use,
    resulting in decommissioning of Stage II Vapor Recovery in many states
  • PetroScope® Robotic Camera Tank Inspections introduced in Turkey
  • Tanknology conducts field work for the ultimate EPA report, "Investigation of Corrosion-Influencing Factors in USTs with Diesel Service," which led to the determination that 83 percent of diesel tanks contain corrosion


  • Total Compliance Management Program (CMS) introduced, providing Tanknology clients with
    turn-key management of compliance testing and inspection requirements for their facilities
  • Tanknology celebrates its 25th Anniversary

  • Link to Tankology press release celebrating 25 Years


  • Tanknology creates Inspection Services Division, providing Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) inspections and assessments,
    utilizing hand-held electronic data capturing and reporting; UST monthly/periodic inspections and operator training;
    and Compliance Management Services
  • TankCam® Visual Internal Tank Inspection Services introduced in Italy
  • Tanknology and OPW jointly create a service organization in China to perform UST facility testing and inspection services


  • EPA releases updated and expanded UST Regulations – the first major update since 1988


  • TankCam® Visual Internal Assessment Service launched for evaluation of aging USTs


  • Tanknology launches department focused on Secondary Containment Repairs
  • Ecology Systems purchases VacuTect license for Italy


  • New Licensees begin representing Tanknology in Honduras (SERTESA), Mexico (SETERR), Dominican Republic (Gas Link)
  • Tanknology celebrates its 30th Anniversary
  • 30 Year Anniversary Tanknology logo
  • Tanknology continues to develop and enhance services to meet the needs of the evolving worldwide marketplace, including the new STS ProTec™ Sump Reconditioning and Protection Program, VacuTect® ATEX certifications –
    And more to come...

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